Like "I had invited son Jonathan & his bride Rosilie to my place, but the next day my place wasn't ready to receive visitors (I DO have a little pride) so I asked if I could bring what I fixed for easter lunch for them to their place. Then I have been becoming a friend to another PWD who frequently used the computer lab here. He had just had a toe amputated, and was going through a tough time. He had no plans for easter lunch, so after getting the OK to invite him from Jon, I asked him and he came with me to Jon's. We had a delightful time with "Cid" telling his stories of living in Atlantic City NJ. After we left, I came to comp lab & got on DC. Cid came down too eventually. He invited me to his Apt (he lives directly above my ground floor apt. -- nice!) and we talked to the wee hrs of the AM. (technically not easter anymore). So all in all a good day! "