Like "Well Gabby, if you can make the trip to Winchester, VA area, I can treat you for free. I sterilize different sizes of finishing nails, or just do the unit of nails if I determine you need a lot of points done and I have to use the nail gun. By the time I am done, you will not have pain in any part of your body, of course, you will have no feeling either! Okay, the sadistic side of me comes out every now and then, but when jayabee52 offered to be my assistant, I had to offer. Anyway, my mom has had on going issues with pain, especially on her back and breasts from shingles for the past 5 years. She cannot handle meds and the only 2 things that have helped her have been acupuncture and the TENS unit (electrical stimulation) I told her I could help with either or both, my own mother turned me down!"