Like "Here is my take on it. I got my medical alert tattoo yesterday...LOOKS AWSOME!! tactful, and noticable...but not gawdy. I have uploaded 2 different pictures under my profile...if you look on the wider angled picture, you will see my green silicone medical alert braclet that i am still wearing as well as the tattoo. The way I have looked at it is, ok so if they find a cure...I get another tattoo over it that says VOID...hehe...Ok so I'm a little weird, but hey I'm ok with that. My tattoo would be the last thing on my mind if they find a cure....soooo. Also many people on here already know this, but my husband is a tattoo artist. We have done some extensive research on the topic before I allowed anything on me. I already have 2 other tattoos, but they are the size of quarters, and they were before my diagnosis. I was very very lucky with my tattoo artist (my hubby wouldnt do it, only because he wanted to make sure he could hold my hand, I'm a wimp). The artist himself has extensive knowledge about tattoos and diabetes for his girlfriend of 14 years was diabetic. He and I are friends as well, and we have been talking about my tattoo for a month or so. The day I found out I was diabetic I knew I was going to get one. Also I too was an EMT for 5 years or so, I figure I was trained to look at the wrist and my tattoo is right there....I am very very pale skinned, it is very noticable...but not gawdy looking. I am going to school for business and didn't want something too out there..... Ok enough of my rambling..... Blessded Be Vicki"