Like "Of course. Prayers coming for you. I love how doctors are so cavalier about some patients' problems. When my daughter was about 10, she had a giant cell tumor (non cancerous) of the index finger that made her finger quite fat. Her doctor told her she had a "fat finger" and nothing was wrong. As the finger continued to grow, we went to a specialist who diagnosed the tumor and had it removed by a hand surgeon. When my daughter was older, she went back to her original doctor, who didn't remember the fat finger comment. When the doctor commented on the scar, she blurted out that "some stupid doctor" had told her she just had a fat finger. He looked up in her records and found out that he was the stupid doctor. Sweet revenge - I wish everyone here could have seen his face. He followed up with a meek and very quiet "I'm really sorry - I guess I'm the stupid doctor." Anyway, hang in there - It sounds like your new doctors will take much better care of you. "