Like "Richard157, Before you get too worried, your assumptions are only partially correct. Since this Discussion is publicly available on the site, you are correct that it will be indexed on Google. However, all of Diabetic Connect's profile information, including any personal information (real name, address, email, etc.) is password protected (i.e. you have to login to see this information). Since it is password protected, it cannot be indexed by Google. As long as you do not use your real name here and you use an alias such as "Richard157", your privacy is intact. We discussed this issue quite a bit when this site was in its inception. While other diabetes boards and sites allow Google to index every single page, we made the conscious decision to password protect any personally identifiable member information so you cannot be "Google'd" based on any information that you divulge on this site. As a test, you can Google my username. I am in the top 20 contributors to the site. I have started 15 Discussions, replied to 93 Discussions and have contributed many recipes, videos and news stories. I challenge you to find my real name through Google. If you still have doubts, you can always go into Privacy Manager and lock all of your personal settings to "No One". Hope this helps."