Like "I keep a journal, I think it's helping a lot and making me accountable for what I eat. I write it up each day and make slots for each thing I'm tracking like so: -Meds taken that day: This includes everyday meds and anything else I might randomly take like aspirin or cold meds. -Blood sugar for each time I test along with the time of day I tested. -Breakfast, lunch and dinner meals -Any snacks -Any drinks -How I felt for the day, things I've done differently and notes to myself. -Exercise This way I can go back and look at how things are affecting me, like today I noticed a pattern of when I sleep in my fasting number is way too high so I'll not be doing that anymore unless I'm really feeling sick. I also keep my testing numbers in the little book that came with my meter to make it easier for the doctor to see. Though I take both books with me when I go just in case there is something else I need to show him. I also keep a notebook of questions I need to ask the doctor and the answers he gives me and general notes I want to be sure to remember later. Diabetes has me keeping notes and tabs just like high school. "