Like "I started with this awesome company as a temp. When I did the interview for permanancy, they explained that the training process was 7 to 9 weeks and they wanted to know if I had any appointments that interfere. I let them know, then, that I am Diabetic and may have to see the dr within that timeframe, but would try to keep it down to a min. They said, "No problem".. I just graduated from the training and now that I'm on the floor, I let my supervisor know as well as the 3 people around me so that if I'm having an issue, I have support to help me. I do understand it is illegal to discriminate, especially because of the Disabilities Act, due to medical issue and some companies may be more uninformed than mine and that's the reason they do what they do. Perhaps if they were educated then they wouldn't be so quick to judge... Good Luck!"