Like "Felicia67, do not, I repeat, do not go off of your insulin and meds or you will surely die. Accepting diabetes is hard, I know I have been diabetic since 2001. I have had my good years and last year 2010, was the worst. I am back on track now except for the full blown exercise,which I will begin soon. I was having a hard time with my oral meds, Metformin, and now I have figured it out. Found out that I had to put 8-10 hours in between doses and I have not been as ill as I was before I started paying attention to the time in between. I have joined a support group for Diabetics and we help each other out with our issues and we also have a dietitian who has helped us work through a lot of our problems. But you hang in there and I will be back to check on you later. I am going to make sure that this Diabetic Support Group gets the same info that I received from my other Support Group. "