Like "I avoid eating out at these, I have only been out been out to eat a couple times since I was told I am a diabetic, I don't like having people think stuff about me, the last time I told someone I was a diabetic they left like they were going to catch it, so I just avoid going places where they are going to have food. Heck my own family think I can eat everything, even ask me to make cookies and cakes for our famiily get togethers that I always made, they see no reason I can not make and eat them they said it is no big deal, they act like I am making all this up as to what I can and can not eat. Only one who seems to understand and is willing to listen is my associate at work and did not complain when I changed our diet at the office for lunch, I cook at home and take stuff to work for our lunch and he has never complained as a matter of fact he has told me that he likes the food I fix for him. So at least I have one person who is understanding about all this and will to learn with me."