Like "I try to limit my total daily carbs to under 100 grams a day. Some days it will be a little lower (80 grams) other days a little higher (120 grams). It averages out to something like 102 grams a day. I track all my blood sugar levels, meds and carbs on SugarStats and it gives me nice averages for all the various categories. Breakfast is the meal with the least carbs - usually only about 14 - one slice of low carb bread and the half and half in my coffee. Lunch is usually around 25-30 carbs (a couple slices of rye crisp or wasa crackers with tuna, a salad or something similar), and dinner is usually around 40-50 carbs. There's a good deal of flexibility in limiting the amount for the day; if I go out for lunch and eat more carbs than usual, then I will eat fewer at dinner, etc. It's working for me. My sugars are well in target range (actually I'm battling LOW sugars now - two hypo episodes today where my sugar dropped to 70. Yikes! Thank goodness for halloween smarties candies!). "