Like "EJ, I have to say I can totally relate to what you're saying !!! I had worked for a healthcare facility for 16 yrs. 14 of that was behind a desk. I have to say, 12 of the 14 were part time. I had the opportunity to go part time, keep my benefits and stay at a " Tier 1". So, I did that for many years. It started as 3 days one week, then 2 the nest etc.. Perfect for my/my health and family.. I had specific days I could make my Dr. appointments, child's appts, and still work at what I liked doing. Over the years, work made many adjustments to my department physically and the responsibilities. I ALWAYS adjusted MY life to what they wanted and kept telling myself, "My time will come." Having Diabetes is so difficult to adjust according to our lives (as you know). Then, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, bad car accident & of course stilllllll the Diabetes. Needless to say, I missed tons of work which was covered by my OWN personal/sick time I had accrued over the years. Thank God !!! I was not able to apply for the FMLA because I didn't work enough hours to be eligible for that. During all the time of their "adjustments" and changes, I continued to do as asked. The last straw was when they told me my position was elliminated and I could do the same "work", just different hours and days. I did every day from 9-1 or 9-2, for couple years. I was late a few times too many and was fired. Done, outta there.. [ sorry so long] But, my point is >> I knew NOTHING about Americans with Disabiliies and IF I had, work would of HAD to make adjustments to accomodate ME. ie; NOOOO morning hours, work every OTHER day, make exceptions IF late etc.. IF YOU ASK OR TELL YOUR EMPLOYER beFORE ANY DIFFICULTIES ARISE, YOU SHOULD BE OK.. Just make them aware, and legally there should be nooooo problem.. If I had known this beFORE the "big~boot" I'd still be there making double the pay I'm making now.. again, sorry so long, but >> needed to share so you don't suffer as I did because it could have/can be avoided..Best of luck to you.."