Like "Hi Tori, I'm Marti I was diagnosed 3yrs. ago. I have a lot of trouble sticking to the diet. How did you loose alll that weight? I also am Bi-polar and a lot of my medicines have weight gain as a side effect. They also make me sleepy and I sleep alot! I test 4 times a day and still have hi blood sugars. I will be going on the pump at the end of this month. Please write back and maybe you have some suggestions for me. Hi Guardianstone. I love your name. I also have trouble getting my blood drawn. One thing that usually helps me is I ask for them to use a Butterfly needle. It is much thiner than a regular needle. And I warn them ahead of time that my viens are not cooprative. Hi Harlen, could you tell me where I might find a lanset that dials up to 7, mine only go'es up to 4 and my fingers are all getting to tough to get any blood from them. I have been thinking about getting a new meter that will take smaller blood samples but I like my meter and don't want to change it."