Like "Really, bajwaacd diabetes is NOT a one size fits all kind of a condition. There are general guidelines you may use, like not eating whites: potatoes, rice, bread, sugar (cauliflower is ok) But to really tailor his eating to fit his own personal body needs, he needs to eat to his meter. To do that he needs to take his Blood Glucose numbers ("BG#s") and before he eats, and then eat a single portion of a single food (at first) He can find out what a portion is considered for a particular food by going to 2 hrs after he eats that food, he takes another BG# test. If the 2nd number is 50 points higher than the first BG# you can either cut the portion in half and test again at another time, or choose not to consume that food or drink. Write down the results of that test in a notebook so you both can remember the results later. Go through everything he would like to eat and test this way. Another help to him is to eat what he eats. I hear diabetics complain that their no diabetic spouse eats whatever s/he wants without regard to spouse's feelings. Don't stock in the pantry things he shouldn't have because if it is there, your hubby may be tempted to eat it. If you HAVE to have a treat, go out by yourself and have that treat. These are ways to support your hubby as he battles his diabetes. Blessings to you and yours James "