Like "Hi! No I don't have kidney problems yet. I also take insulin . I take it in the morning with a long lasting 24 hour shot and I take a different insulin to cover my meals. I think its a wonderful idea to set up a site for people with kidney problems! I'm sure many people would be very greatful if you did! If I do develop kidney problem I surely would love to have a site that I could go to and discuss with others our issues! It makes such a BIG difference to get support from others who are going through the same issues! When I first got diagnosed with diabetes I found this site and I'm truely greatful to God I did. This site helped me work through my fears and worries. I'm positive if you create a site for people with kidney problems many people will also be greatful! You will be amazed on how many lives you can touch through your website! I say GO FOR IT! You can help thousands of people going through the same problems! I think its a wonderful idea ! Please keep us posted on how your doing and how the site is comming along! I'll be looking foward to hear how its going! :) best wishes and God bless!"