Like "Hi. My major problem was when I was high (300/400) I would fall asleep and could hardly be waken. I felt as if I were drunk. Are you feeling this way in class? I finally had to get on insulin and it helped me greatly! No more falling asleep. However my sugar was extremely high unlike yours. Id just watch it because you might be having the same reaction to high sugars. If your doing this often id talk to my doctor to see if your possiably reacting to the higher sugar levels.74 should not make you feel weak. Possiably your body is used to being higher? Make sure you don't start feeling sweaty or shakey because that can become dangerous.I had a terriable low of 30 a few weeks ago I almost passed out! I needed to raise my sugar immeditaly! Watch your numbers closely to make sure you don't drop any lower! Good luck and God bless!"