Like "We are all so different with how our sugars affect us. For me, my average sugar was right around 90s to 110s and I would feel like you did if I got in the low 80s. What is good for one person might not be for another so you really have to watch and listen to your own body talk to you. Gabby said it right, keep a diary, a daily log. Maybe it all started with what you had to eat the night before? Since you experienced it more in the morning and you knew what you had and did, it could be a remnant from the evening before. Had you exercised more, drank more water, etc? I definitely would not change any of my meds without keeping a diary and really looking for a root to it all first but, mostly, not before checking with my physician. I wish you much luck. Please let us know what you find out and how you are feeling. Hugs ~ Cheryl"