Like "Hi! I use lantus in the am and humulin R after meals! I use a new needle with EVERY single use! I'm blessed because my insurance covers new needles with every be honest with you, if my insurance didn't cover my needles id be forced to reuse because of the money issue. But as it is now the insurance covers it so I use fresh needles each time. I was told by my doctor to make sure and use fresh new needles with every use. Problem is these needles are made for single use and they wear down in a microscopic way that can't be seen with the naked eye. Also, tiny particles stick to the needles after each use and id worry about that. I feel very fortunate to be able to change my needles after each use to be honest even if I had to reuse it would make me uncomfortable.but like I said, if I was forced to id reuse. I'm glad I don't have to at this time! Good luck and best wishes!"