Like "Debe, I appreciate your kindness today. With all that you have been through, you are an inspiration. I really was just feeling so overwhelmed this morning I felt like I needed to talk with those that have been there and done it. I was only recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, bad cholesterol with a terrible family history of heart disease, so of course several appts. with the cardiologist. The stress test today, monday blood draw, meetings with diabetic specialists, etc, etc. I did not have insurance for the past five years and now luckily I do and it seems like my doc is going for broke:) She is great and really understands as she is diabetic herself. I will say that I do feel very fortunate to be getting very good medical care right now. My father was diabetic and it seemed like they just handed him a monitor, said stay away from sugar, and see you in three months. Thank God that those days are past and we have so much information and support available! "