Like "I have similar problems. My numbers just don't want to make sense no matter what I try. One thing I have changed in my morning foods is the milk. I've always been intolerant of regular milk and a few years ago a friend mentioned Almond based milk. I have been using it ever since and now can enjoy eating cereal and as it comes in chocolate flavor, I can enjoy having hot chocolate milk which I couldn't do before. You might also talk to your doctor about upping your current amount of metformin. I take it, and started at 1 pill in morning and 1 at night for 1000 total in day. My numbers were up in the 250 and higher range. After only 2 weeks on the meds he upped the amount to 2 in morning and 2 at night for total of 2000 mgs a day and now my numbers are down into the 120 to 14o ranges most days. Still high, but better. I get frustrated but keep trying. Could you drink your tea with out the milk? I know I love to drink my Earl or Lady Grey and Irish Morning tea's with it in it, but it does help to not use it in the tea. Maybe only add it once a week as a treat in your tea. Do you have a diabetes book that tells you the numbers that each food in every catagory has? If not, you might look in your local library or bookstore for one. It's helped me a lot. Things I thought were healthy to eat were really some of the things that were adding to my numbers! Hope the suggestions you've gotten help, I know it's hard to NOT stress about it, but just remember that we're here, we'll do all we can to help and look at the recipes that you can find here and try some of them and see if that helps any for you. What you eat at night before bed can and does effect your morning numbers and I have found some great dinner and snack idea's here that have helped alot! Let us know how you're doing!!!! Pam"