Like "I now see my primary physician once a year for A1C and cholesterol. When I was first diagnosed, over 2 years ago, I went twice in that first year for A1C. Then she said I could go once a year, since I was doing so well. I have not had A1C now in a year and a half! So I need to do that. I called an endo.'s office once about 4 months after diagnosis, when I was off Metformin and controlling with diet and exercise and the woman that answered the phone asked me some questions, and told me no, that I did not need an endo at that time since I was not on piils or insulin and I had no problems. But I thought every diabetic was supposed to see an endo? My Primary doctor never checks my feet. I've had to go to her for a couple other things not related to diabetes in the past year. It bothers me that she doesn't and it also bothers me that she has never once suggested that I need "tests" certain tests for my age (I am 46 now) and I know I do. I know I should be checked to see if I have enough Vit. D and if not, to take supplements, among other things. I might change doctors. She doesn't seem as concerned with me now. When my diabetes so quickly got under contrl and then stayed that way a while, and my weight was so good, etc., and my A1C went to 5.4, she told me I had "mild" diabetes. Everyone on here that replied, told me, and I believe it it true, that there is "no" such thing as mild diabetes. Maybe I need to find a new primary doctor! It's funny how she scared me at first, told me about as the disease progresses,etc., then it was like a turnaround. I also do not think looking back that she should have ever put me on pills to start with when my A1C was 5.6. I should have been given the chance to eat better and continue to exercise. I was exercising before diagnosis and she knew that. I need to go to the dentist and I go to the eye doctor every year. You need a dilated eye exam every year too. I was also told by someone (not on here) that I did not need to see a Podiatrist since it was so well controlled. But I do, because I have two bunions on eachside of my big toes. They don't bother me, but this could become a problem later, so I need to schedule that. "