Like "I agree with Bunny Cakes - call your doctor. I was diagnosed T2 on 01-17-11, but I was put on insulin immediately. I was also given Metformin. 2 Metformin a day, a slow acting insulin (Lantus) at bedtime and a fast acting insulin (Humalog) on a sliding scale to be injected should my BG check be over 200. I am also still very new to this, but I have found that this site and the people here are so very friendly and so very helpful! I have actually found several Diabetes sites since embarking on my quest for more and better knowledge, but none have been as good as this site. I am also learning that every individual's Diabetes is as different as out fingerprints. It seems that what works for one does not work for all and we each have to learn "our" Diabetes. But this knowledge does not stop me from coming to these discussion boards and asking questions. Because, as I said, the people here are so very friendly and so very helpful. As for my personal dietary changes - I have tried to eliminate all sugars and I have tried to reduce my carbs to 230g per day. I can't grasp the 15g = 1 carb on a carb counting plan, so I just count the grams in stead. I have also tried to reduce my calorie count to 2000 per day. I can't say id it has helped much with weight loss, but other than one 221 reading yesterday, my BG reading have been in the normal range quite often these last few days."