Like "Oh wow emotional, I feel sorry that you have to go thru something so tramatic as seeing your parents go thru aging..I too, have a similar problem with the dementia my 77 year old father has it.. he recently is hospitalized not for that but for breathing difficulties, but ever since he went to the hospital he has been showing definite signs. He talks with total non sense & thinks that ur supposed to understand it.. his temperment is growing at an increasing rate..It is a real trial but hang in there & remember one thing they were there for you when you were a child.. Thank God for places & sites like this one. Where you can get support & clear understanding. Also, I will be praying that God gives you the strength to endure..Thank you for your posting because it has helped me to know Im not alone in this! If you wouldnt mind you can add me as a friend to keep in touch with..Mimie"