Like "I didn't see another discussion from you on this topic, maybe I some how missed it. To answer your question. when I was a kid, I played with my eyes closed, trying to get the feel of being blind. And when I was courting the future ex Mrs Baker I took American Sign Language as a college enrichment course becsuse my intended was studying to be a teacher for the hearing impaired and was learning ASL. It came in handy when I wanted to "talk" to her in front of her parents. They'd see us signing and tell us to "go wash your hnds" because they thought we were talking "dirty" I have forgotten a lot of the signs, but think I could get the ability to read and sign back if need be, because when I see the deaf using ASL I still can follow the gist of the conversation. Most everything else, I don't sorry about it. I'll learn it if I need to. "