Like "You are most welcome. The good news is that the things you will do to control your diabetes is also beneficial to your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You'll want to add these numbers to your log as well. Some diabetics switch to an ace inhibitor type of blood pressure medication since those drugs also seem to have a protective influence for your kidneys, which are sometimes overworked in a diabetic. And the soluable fiber foods are are recommended for improving cholesterol numbers. This includes beans and citrus, but citrus may spike your blood glucose. I eat a small clementine orange with a meal and that works for me. You don't have to have a prescription to buy a blood glucose meter and strips, so you can take this on yourself if you want to. Your doctor may also write a prescription for it if you ask, so your insurance may cover part of the expense. You may want to ask him/her about Diabetes Education Classes in your area. My doctor enrolled me so that insurance would pay part of it. The fact that your numbers are not that bad yet just means it will be easier to correct if you are willing to go to work on it, and I think you are or you wouldn't be on this site. It pays to get on top of diabetes quickly so you won't suffer complications. If you can't find a class, look for a "Certified Diabetes Educator" and get an appointment. There are lots of good books, too, and lots of information on this site and others, but a CDE is a shortcut and will customize a meal plan and exercise for your needs. Good luck! "