Like "Greetings Friends! I am here with a large deposit of hugs to get the hug bank funded. It's not just a "take one down and pass it around" kind of thing like the hundred bottles of beer on the wall. When it comes to the hugs we all have good and bad days (and weeks and months) and genuinely need the support and encouragement that so many members here can offer. Our lives can sometimes get stressful and our feelings can sometimes get hurt by what others say or do. We understand. We may not always have all of the answers for you but you share your ups and downs. We share your loves and hates. We listen to your jokes and rantings/ravings. :) It's been said that a friend is someone who knows all about you... and likes you anyway! Here's to a good new year to everyone and their families for health and happiness. Cheers!!! If things are going poorly for you, please take a sincere hug from us. If things are going great, offer the hugs to others who need them. "