Like "Oh please do! It helped my doctor soo much. I felt that way at first, but when I took the list back to my councelor and talked about why it was so short when so much was going on with my family, both parents health is very bad, daughter was sick and kept saying couldn't take off work because she is only one bringing in money as I can't work, lost an Aunt to Diabetes and a Great Uncle from a heart attack within two weeks of each other and my COPD medicine had me covered in a rash and so sick for almost the entire summer that had me miserable. None of that was on my list. When I left that day I had a full page of things instead of just three items on it. It's so easy for us to overlook things or consider them to small to be a factor, or as you said feel as if we are just making excuses and then so hard for us to tell our doctor things. My doctor was shocked and became a lot more understanding about my numbers and depression once he knew everything. Plus just getting it all on paper gives me such a release. Once I come home, I pull out my third list and check off things that have changed and sometimes add more things to the list so I know what I need to work on, or put a goal towards. I've gotten my numbers from the 200's down to 150's to the last few weeks holding steady at the 120's range. I'm hoping by the end of January to be down and stay down to the 100 range. I've mananged to lose 30 pounds that I couldn't lose before and made it through the holidays without over doing the foods and making many of my desserts into sugar free items. I buy little store bought premade foods. I always make my own cookies, cakes and candies so to finally switch out the recipes from heavy on sweet to sugar free was a big thing this year for me. The goal I added after my last appointment at the beginning of this month was to make it through with stable numbers and not let myself get depressed over the holidays. So if I can make it through this next weekend without getting into a crying jag or overdoing on the eating of sweet and rich foods I'll be really happy. Try the lists, and let me know in a month or so or after your next appointment how it works for you!"