Like "You've taken the first major step by reaching out. There is a great bunch of people here that will be more than willing to help you. A suggestion for you to do before you go into your doctors appointment is to make up a few lists. The first list is one of your eating habits. What you eat, how often you eat. And be honest on it. Don't worry about how much it is or what foods are on the list. The list is for you to go over with the doctor and see what foods you need to stay clear of and help him understand the eating habit that he needs to work with to correct. The second list is the emotions you've been feeling over the last year. Especially since you were laid off. Note the different occurances that helped influence those feelings. This list will also help the doctor know what has been going on so that he can help you and with the depression and how it effects you with the first list. The last list is one for yourself mainly. Draw a line down the paper and write the things you want to do and changes you want to see happen in your life over the next new year on one side of the page and on the other write the things you see as destructive and need to change or want to see change in your life. Then put that list away til after you've gone to the doctor. Once you've had a good long talk with him/her and have set a game plan set up, and it may be more than one visit before you have it all planned out so don't be discouraged by that. But once you are feeling secure on what direction you are going with the doctor, take back out that list and another piece of paper. See how many of those changes have already started taking place and how many of those on the second side have gone away or changed for the better. It gives you a goal to strive for and makes you feel better as you can look at it and say, "I've done that!" I know it sounds silly and crazy to think it would help, but the counselor I was sent to had me do this, and it really helped me when I couldn't really talk to the doctor and voice out loud things, I could just show him the lists. And the last list helped with the depression I was sinking deeply into. The biggest thing is to do just like you did when feeling so bad, sit down and reach out to the people here on the site. They are a great bunch of people and are always here to listen and help in any way they can. Good luck to you sweetie, and keep in touch to let us know how you are doing!"