Like "thanks everyone for your kind and direct responses. I was in a very bad way last night when i posted, so much so that i stayed downstairs sobbing (so as not to wake my boyfriend) who heard me anyway and came down to see what was going on. i hadnt had a crying spell like that in forever and felt much better afterward. It helped to type out my story and have you guys read and validate it. I wish that what i wrote was exagerated but none of it was. The accuracy of the facts saddens me and I so much wish none of it was my story, rather someone elses in some fictitous soap opera. i did find that theres a depression board associated with these sites and will defnitely direct alot of this over there and keep my comments here limited to diabetes issues. we have a snowstorm here in NJ and are expecting a foot by tomorrow. i hope my endocrinologist ofice is open tomorrow so i can make an appointment. i MUST address my high sugar and weight. i may need to take insulin right after or before i eat, rather than just one long acting shot of levemir each evening. thanks again for reading and responding. i hope to get to know you guys more personally as i continue though this journey and offer my assistance/life wisdom/scientific knowledge/ and just basic sense of humor (you wouldnt know it by my writings of last night but im a girl with a major naughty sense of humor, and can out silly anyone anytime! hugs, laura :)"