Like "Hi Laura, I can't add much to the great advice you are already received here. As you can see, you have found your way to one of the most supportive groups of people on earth. But I wanted to offer you a few additional words of support. First, hi neighbor! I live in NYC and teach in NJ. I am very familiar with what's going on in the phama industry in this area and how it is affecting the job market. I'm sorry to hear that you have lost your job. And your job loss appears to be but one of many disappointments and tragedies that you have faced. You are have really been through it. But as I read your post, I detected the voice of someone who is willing and able to face the challenges of life, who is taking responsibility for her health, and who intends to weather the storm and get better. I am not a physician, but I counsel individuals who are facing health challenges. As you suggested in your post, it all starts with admitting you need help and reaching out to get it. It's reallly important to work closely with a good healthcare team, and it sounds like you are going to get that process going on Monday. And it's important to have the support of others who can share their own experiences as well as be there for you emotionally. Support is empowering, and the benefits of group support are multiplied exponentially. You are on your way to making positive change in your life! I'm glad you found your way to Diabetic Connect. I hope you will stay connected with your new friends. Keep us posted! "