Like "Harlen, you are so right and many of the folks that read this should take a moment and understand that eventually... Insulin. It took my mother about (+/- a few days) 20 years until she hit the needle. She is at 20 units of Lantus each night right now, and occasionally goes Hypo. I, myself, have a different story. On my 40th birthday (Sep 2006), I was diagnosed and started a "Diet and exercise" regimen while I was in the US Navy. Worked pretty good until just before I retired in Jul 2008. Now I have to use pills. Until my sugars stayed in the 300's. Now March of this year (2010), I started with Lantus. and now have split my lantus dose in two (56 u am/pm) and I use 10 u of Novolog. Guess what! 284 avg past 3-4 day, ready to go to 60 am/pm. My greatest fear was losing my job because of going on insulin. I can not go back to sea (Merchant Marine) because I am on insulin. Hey, it beats the heck out of the alternative. With Fatty Liver syndrome, Orals are out! Don't Fear the needle. they are so small, it is only a very minor discomfort!!"