Like "Net carbs is really a marketing term. The science bit is that in the US, and a handful of other countries, fiber is counted in the number of carbs even though it is not digested like a carb. Most dietitians will tell you to deduct some amount of fiber from the total carbs (there are several different opinions) to get net carbs. Manufacturers use it to market products that are actually high in carb but they want to sell to diabetics. They will deduct all the fiber and all the sugar alcohols from the carb count, some companies will use it because they have tested their products and think it affects blood sugar differently. For instance, dreamfields pasta claim that even though there are 42g of carb per serving their testing shows that blood sugar only raises like it would if you ate 5g of carb and therefore label it as 5g net carbs. It's a stupidly complicated issue that could be pretty much eliminated if the US calculate and label nutritional values like most other countries."