Like "I don't really understand this well either. There have been discussions on this topic here on DC. Here's one: Here's another: And another: If you're still not satisfied with these 3 discussions you can do your own search by clicking the "discussions" link above on the left. A general discussions page will load. There is a blue rectangular button shich says "start a discussion" on the top right of the page. Directly below that is a rectangular text box with a small square green icon of a looking glass. enter your search term(s) and click on the icon. You'll find several pages of results where that word (or words) occurs in the discussions. You can generally find what you may be looking for in that way. In fact, if I have a question I'd like to have answered, I go to the search discussions page and look there for a while before I post a discussion question. I pray this has been helpful Blessings! James"