Like "Wow! did not know that. 20 points is a lot. Especially when we are trying to figure out how the morning readings can be lowered. right now they are 130-140 and he is trying to bring down to 100. If I tell him what I learned here, he is going to assume it is because of the error allowed by the meter and decide that his BS must actually be much less. lol When he goes to the doctor she downloads that data and comments on it. She never said anything about the meter being accurate within 20% . she comments as if it is the god's truth. We learn all this statistical analysis and talk about reliability and significance of the test at .05. We always write results highlighting that it is true 95% of the time and results can be + - these many counts. But when using the data in everyday life we seem to forget that the test results need to be taken with a pinch of salt as just pointers and not the ultimate truth. Sorry for the rant. It just kind of hit me right now that I was blindly believing without thinking through. "