Like "Have you talked to your doctor about this? I am just tired all the time. I don't work (due to past and present health issues) and I just have no energy. I take ambien cr to help me sleep and even when I do get 8 hours I just feel totally drained. It doesn't matter if I have eaten or not. It's really becoming bothersome for me, I plan on discussing it with my doctor at my next appointment. As I write this it just dawned on me that it could be that my hep c is back. My first go around with hep c was totaly exhausting for me. The onset of it and the treatment. If anyone has had interferone treatment they know what I'm talking about. This is reminding me of that. Let's pray that it isn't. Misery I hope you and your doctor can figure out what is going on. But your not alone. Hugs "