Like "Go for the endocrinologist, especially at this stage in your history with diabetes! Their practice sees more patients with this condition and they generally have a better grasp of treatments. It's good that you're no longer in denial and realize that you have to take action to control this or it will control you. After moving to Florida in 2005, I had been seeing a GP only. After 34 years with type 1 diabetes, I started having scary morning lows and what had been working for me before was now creating problems. I had to ask my GP for an endocrinologist referral because I just didn't feel comfortable with what he was telling me to do-increase Lantus and eliminate dinner Novolog- (and because I didn't feel what he suggested made sense, I didn't do it.). After waiting 2 months to see the endocrinologist, I just got back from my first visit. This endocrinologist suggested several changes in my approach to insulin that made sense to me (sliding Novolog dosage and changing Lantus from bedtime to morning injection). I've been watching my carbs but will have to seriously count them and dose appropriately to get back under control. Even though you may not be insulin dependent like us Type 1's, an endocrinologist has greater knowledge about diabetes and how to treat it effectively and avoid those nasty complications. You may also want to read Suzy Cohen's "Diabetes Without Drugs". My husband asked me to read it and I expected not to like it. I have it on loan from my local library. I found it engrossing and thought-provoking. I feel it is perhaps more geared to Type 2's but Cohen, a pharmacist, is gung-ho on natural supplements that may help to lower blood glucose and help your body better manage the disease. I may even try some of her suggestions...wonder of wonders! Good luck to you!"