Like "Likely your GP is great or you would not use him/her. I have two friends who are Endo for children. As a school psych, sometimes blood sugar masks other behavioral appearances. When I would recommend a screen, I told the parents if my kid had to go--this is who we'd go to. Get on-line. My catchment area is Vanderbilt. A teaching hospital has great programs which may be less expensive. When stable, you return to your physician. Bllips along the way, he calls in. The Endo decides if you need to be up there in a hurry. See if your local hospital supports a discussion group. We have access to lunch 1st Tuesdays and dinner 3rd Thursdays. It is casual and we sit together and we talk--family, food, feelings. Now that you have made up your miind, you're going to be great! Friend me Mrs. Alice"