Like "Hospitals are scarry by themselves, add a sick loved one and yuck. Bring in some of his favorite things and spend time reading to him, funny things. Things to spark his happy emotions, as he is probably more confused than anything else. Photos of friends and family are great too. Hold hands, pray and then play. A game, color, do anything kid like in there. I am sure the pediatric wing has lots of suggestions. Comfort will come with familuraity. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I did this to my folks, but I was older and I was not diabetic. But I missed 60 days of school that year. I could articulate more of what I felt, but I am sure it scared them too. One thing they brought me was my recorder (flute like insturment). I was not really strong enough to play it, but it was good for my lungs to keep trying and it was something I loved to do. You guys will do fine. Listen carefully to the doctors and ask a LOT of questions. And if you don't think something is going right, speak up. Don't back down until you are satisfied. "