Like "Howdy & welcome to DC daelmore! Before I go further, I want to take the time to send out a BIG THANK YOU to you for serving our nation so that we could all enjoy our freedom! I agree with Caliko that artificial sweeteners aren't great for you. I myself used to use the stuff in the pink packets (sweet n low), but I've seen studies which have suggested that the use of artificial sweeteners may be triggering my hunger and when I eat more I gain weight. Caliko is right, it is up to you to choose a sweetener, or decide to go without. I've decided to go without. If I absolutely need something I will use a product called Wheylow, a combination of milk sugar and fructose, which raises my BG#s not quite as fast as table sugar. I want to say again "thank you" to you on Veterans Day. There are some of us who remember, and appreciate your service May God richly bless you and yours James"