Like "Dearest Guardianstone (aka Mother hen) DC is pretty much like the world outside our little cyber world, you find many nice people, and then you find some people who are not so nice. There are people who are downright nasty and gross too. (usually those don't stay around long) I am not aware of the incident(s) to which you refer, but over the year plus I've been online here I've seen a few dustups between members. It can happen over the smallest of things too. Hardly worth fussing about, but one person gets hurt and gets their anger up and a fight erupts. Sometimes one or more leave the site because of hurt feelings. Sometimes others don't post as often as a response. It's not a pretty sight. But it is so very HUMAN. Talk to someone you know is a understanding person using the DC email system and hash it out with them. You can also talk to folks like Gabby or John C. When I was irritated by something someone said in a discussion, I had written a sharp reply and decided at the last second to not send it in the discussion reply, but instead I sent it to Gabby (she was involved in the thread), because I suspected it would set off a flame war on that thread. I got a nice reply from Gabby basically saying that I had a point, but perhaps I hadn't understood it quite like the person meant. From what I see above, you've not said something which could get you banned from DC. But it's not up to me. I offer a listening ear should you want to email me. May god richly bless you and yours. James "