Like "It is perhaps significant that my type 1 was diagnosed while I was in a high-stress and competitive management position and 5 months after I was separated from my first spouse. I've always thought that the accompanying stress may have triggered my genetic predisposition to diabetes. I've been living with diabetes now for 34 years and thought I had it under good control until about 6 months ago. I'll be seeing an endocrinologist in December to see if we can figure out why, all of a sudden, what was working for me, no longer is. It's probable that aging is a factor now. I can't identify any particular "stress" for this recent change. Accentuating the positive and realizing that we have the power to make many choices affecting our condition can only help. (My choice was to seek referral to an endocrinologist because I wasn't convinced that my internal medicine doctor by eliminating Novolog and increasing Lantus dosage was taking me down the right path) I also get upset when people say they "HATE"'s wasting energy and not dealing with our disease in a constructive, beneficial fashion. I don't necessarily "LIKE" diabetes but accept that I have to deal with it or it will deal with me in ways that are unpleasant at best. "