Like "I am the main shopper at our house (2 adults, 2 cats). I use a variety of places to buy groceries. You didnt mention where you live, because here in Montana the farmers Market stopped 2 weeks ago. That is a good source for high nutrition/low cost veg & fruits. Now I will use what I have saved in the freezer (no canning this year). I shop by store sales, and I visit a butcher for the best quality meat I can afford. At the Health Food/Co-op market I buy the bulk items such as oatmeal, barley other grains & beans at 1/4 the price of even Walmart! oatmeal is 55 cents a pound vs $2 or better for the Quaker Oats barrel of 42 oz. and what the other said: a lunch box with frozen bottles of water or freezer pouches. And don't forget that a thermos is a good thing and cheap to buy!! "