Like "Its only natural to be feeling depressed at this tragic time in your life! I'm so sorry about your husband! Seek advice maybe join a group that deals with greif! Its important to talk about your feelings! I know its hard but try to take care of yourself! This is a great place to come for support! There are so many wonderful people here! We understand what your feeling! Reach out! Don't be shy! That's what this group is here for! Please please take care of yourself now! Its so important! If you ever need someone to talk with I'll be here for you, just mail me ok! God bless you and stay strong! You have a large group here willing to help you the best we can! Your not loosing your mind its just all the presure your under and the grief that's making you feel this way! There are many great books out there that offer comfort during these difficult times id look into them , possiably they can help you cope better. I wish you the very best and God bless you. Take care"