Like "Maria; We all have had the depression from hell hit us. I understand. I just went through one. If you want we can talk. See - Am I cursed?, the responses to my cry for hep have let me know I am not going to face this alone. There are good careing people here that can help. Diabeties can be a vicious circle that continues adding more to our burden, but we survive. If you are strong enough to ask for help, you are not crazy. Try taking a few slow deep breathes, sip a calming cup of your favorite tea, maybe a bit of reflective meditation, and think about what you are greatful for. It sounds crazy but it helps to put things into perspective. The What are you greatful for? discussion (mine) has become something I never expected. I hope the advice helps. If you need to talk, I'm around quite often. Holler out. God bless Guardian stone"