Like "Gary would be one of the best to answer this one, but I will give it a shot. Actually, some people do suffer from both of these things. It is not always associated with diabetes as many of us who develop type 2 especially, are getting older in the first place and some of those drives are being lost with age. Keeping a healthy sex drive does depend a lot on your emotional state and the two seem to be very linked. After all, who wants to have sex when you are depressed? Funny thing is, having sex can help pull you out of depression. Just gotta love all those endorphins. Depression is commonly linked to anyone who deals with prolonged illness or chronic disease. Not everyone, but if one is inclined to fall into disrepair or focus on the CAN'T instead of the CAN, it gets depressing. Most of us face it at sometime, but it is our attitude about it that allows us to get out of it. I consider myself a pretty positive person and try not to wallow in depression much. But I have my days when things just snap. I think it is our way of dealing with the inevitable length of what we are dealing with. I go have a boo-hoo somewhere private and move on. There is also the physical aspect of depression that might be enhanced with dealing with diabetes. My mom suffers that. She is generally positive about her diabetes, but I can always tell if she has run out of her depression medicine. I suppose there is a percentage of folks who would just rather be depressed about it and not deal with it. You know the ones I mean...people who just talk about all the horrible things they are going through, never looking for solutions and focusing on problems. I don't mean the ones who vent from time to time. But the ones where the sky is always dark and gloomy. There is a huge difference between venting and feeling hopelessly sorry for ourselves. I will try to help out those people, but I cannot hang around them too long or they will drag me down too. "