Like "I'd restate that as "Many type 2's have no trouble producing the normal amount of insulin. However once they're diagnosed as diabetic, their insulin resistance has become too bad to allow their pancreas to produce as much insulin as needed to overcome that insulin resistance. Some people approaching type 2 even have a pancreas producing 5 or 6 times the normal amount for their weight before the type 2 signs begin to show." Some type 2's with beta cells already dying from overuse will need at least a partial beta cell restoration as PART of a cure, but type 2's won't be fully cured until a cure is found for the insulin resistance. Type 1's will usually be cured by beta cell restoration, if the autoimmunity doesn't destroy the new beta cells as well, and if if they haven't progressed to type 1.5 (also known as double diabetes) - type 1 plus enough insulin resistance to cause type 2 as well."