Like "yeah, I totally agree with you wolfettia. I had a professor my freshman year of college who told me I couldn't be a type 1 diabetic because I was overweight and she was sure my doctors were wrong. Also, I get the same thing about food. People, including friends, and even older relatives still become mad at me when I eat sugary foods. I was at my grandma's the other weekend and was working outside before lunch. I came in and checked and I was low, so I sat down after getting a sugary item and started to eat quickly. I had gotten some sort of candy and laid it on my plate. My grandma kind of yelled at me and told me that was not to be in my diet and if it was, it would be after I finished my entire plate of food, and have it for dessert. So I simply told her, "well, unless you want me to fall onto the floor and go unconcious I suggest you let me eat this." Let's just say she got a little quiet. Although I do get angered about things like this, we have to remember... most of us didn't know what was type 1 diabetes until we had it. I wasn't diagnosed until the age of 17, and even though I had a close friend who had it, I didn't know much, and I thought he couldn't eat certain things either. It just goes to show that the world in general needs more education on this topic. I tried in one of my classes to write a paper on type 1 diabetes with some research. Unfortunately, I ended doing it on Type 2, because I could not find enough primary sources (research papers and such). If the information is not there for people, they will not know. We all just need to educate others more."