Like "Hmmm..."Eating healthy" is pretty general. I know I am not alone here in saying, I honestly believed that I was eating healthy. For a long time we were told if you follow the food pyramid you are eating healthy, if you cut out red meats, you are eating healthy, if you eat fruits and veggies, you are eating healthy, if you choose "diet, lite, fat-free" labeled foods you are eating healthy. If you counted your calories, you are eating healthy. Seemed advice like this, "just eat healthy" was a rubber stamp for every corporation out there to sell crap to us. It was given approval by doctors and the government. Problem is, we are different, eating healthy according to the FDA food pyramid for me, was a terrible terrible thing. "eating healthy" according to those doctors and the FDA was not eating healthy for me. Finding what is healthy FOR YOU is what is important. But even then, it is uncertain. The only things in life that are certain, is death and taxes! Two stories I will share: My husband's Grandfather that grew up on a farm, he ate biscuits and gravy, potatoes, red meat, fresh eggs and fried pork every day of his life. He loved a good cobbler! He wouldn't eat anything that was sold in a store if he knew about it. He refused to see doctors, only a trusted family physician was welcome at the home, even then he balked at any "medical advice" given on his eating habits. He lived to be 104 and we never knew of a day he spent in the hospital. He passed on in his bed at home, wearing his favorite flannel PJ's. My husband's grandmother wasn't so lucky, she was always in the hospital, but according to her doctors and family members she ate "healthy" as she stopped eating red meat pork and eggs, instead she ate her farm fresh veggies, fruit and grocery bought chicken breasts, cereals. Later in life, she turned out to be diabetic she always had pills and medications, we lost her right after she turned 84 in the hospital after a week of being on life support in a hospital gown. "