Like "I have been eating pretty much the same, exercising a little more, getting my chia stabalized, removed the red wine and have eaten a few cookies (my chubby grubbies recipe). LOL I also drank water with LIME juice today, that was different. I did that before I am going to be experimenting with that now too. I am measuring my food again and I am sure that is helping. Toma told me to get my PCF ratio in line at each meal, and I have not been doing that yet, but I am learning which of my meals works best. I have also lost 8.5 pounds in the past two weeks and you know that makes me feel better no matter what is going on. Oh, and after dinner reading was 167, down 3 points! So today is officially my first ever day (since I have been recording) that I have been below 180 all day! That is cause for celebration!!"