Like "Greg, I'm glad I was not the only one to have the disappearing postage box. Now I know I'm not going crazy. Lets see if I can get my response to you without losing any of it. What I had started to tell you was, I think you are playing a dangerous game ny re-using needles. I was an LPN for 16 years and one thing I learn't in nusing school was that you don't ever re-use a needle. Even if you are the only one using them. When you open a new needle it is coming from a sterile package. When you re-use a needle you could pick up all kinds of germs . If you are doing this to help cut costs of supplies, you really should look into one of the needle exchange programs. Well I am currently typing over someone elses posting so let me see what I can do to get this to you. Take care, ~Lymy~"