Like "qmissy2000 I had a Roux N Y gastric bypass 14 months ago. I went from 300 lbs to 179 lbs. My doctor at the time told me that the gastric bypass would be a cure for my diabetes. I am a skeptic in reality on most things so I told him I believed that if I am a diabetic now I will always be. He argued saying I would be CURED. Not so. After 121 lbs weight loss and going from a BMI of 45 down to 25, I am STILL a diabetic. I just ate (1) 3x3 waffle for breakfast and my sugars shot up to 205. I have also experienced Dumping Syndrome. Any of you who have had these symptoms know how bad you feel. I was passing out at work. Diabetes causes this. Gastric bypass or lap band is not a CURE for diabetes. It helps control your diabetes. I am no longer on three different kinds of diabetic meds. My brother also had the same surgery as I did. No complications. He was on three different insulin, two diabetic pills and a hemoglobin HA1c of 10. After the surgery all the meds were no longer needed and he is off the insulin. He feels great but if he eats something he is not supposed to his sugars rise and gets all the symptoms of hyperglycemia. It's all in what you eat and how you diet. I don't regret my surgery despite many many complications. I am now at a healthier weight and feel amazing but, I still and will forever have to watch my blood sugars and measure my foods and beverages. "